Monday, March 14, 2011

Oh, for the love of shoes!

Miss me?  I hope to finally be done with this on-again-off-again love affair of blogging.  I don't know what's my deal.  When I find the time I read so many other blogs and the craftiness of others blogs puts my little Truly-Trying page to shame.  Lately I feel the cobwebs of my creativity nestled all throughout my brain.  I am trying to dust them out of there, asking my big brain to please do some head-cleaning and wake the flip up and start thinking! 
So, I am ending my weekend, gearing up for my Monday, yay for tomorrow.  I want to share a little thought I had from the other day at work.  Who do you buy your shoes for?  Seriously weird question, right?  In the break room last week I complimented a co-worker's darling shoes.  She says to me, "Thank you!  You're like the tenth person today to notice.  Just waiting for my boyfriend to notice them."  At first I thought she meant maybe the man might notice the price tag or the bill of these hot-rod shoes, but after a little more conversation I understood she bought those shoes in hopes the man would love them.  My thought: "HUH?"  Yes, I have a good man, he compliments me and does all sorts of nice, romantic stuff, but I don't think he ever complimented my shoes.  He could probably care less if I am wearing a rockin' dress with tennis shoes or 6-inch-heels.  So, my lady friends, I ask, for the love of shoes, who do you buy them for?  
I think deep down we buy them for the compliments of our fellow ladies.  If I happen to be at our local coffee shop and see you cruisin' through the door strutting in some majorly cute feet covers, I am so going to give you a shout out and tell you how cute your shoes are, or your purse or your shirt ... you get the idea.  But I wonder, how many men will do the same?    
Oh, for the love shoes ... here's a few loves ... 


  1. man, I couldn't pull of ANY of those shoes. I don't have the knack. i'm a tennis shoe girl.

  2. I am so a tennis shoe gal myself, always and forever. But when I feel like I wont hobble around like a penguin I would for sure love to extend my shoe collection!

  3. super cute picks...I love the tan and black heels. I wish I had a shoe budget!! I'd like to think I buy my shoes for me lol, but I do love the compliments and usually they come from the girls, but every now in then if I rock some knee high boots or some sexy heels I know the guys appreciate it hehe.

  4. The tan and black are my FAVE!!