Monday, March 14, 2011

30 Days of Blogging

Day 2 - The Meaning Behind Blog Name

Many, many, many wondering moments of "should I, will I blog?" was never followed by what to write or what to call my blog.  Once I decided to just do it and if I suck at it, who cares, when deep down I do care ... anyhoo, once that decision was made to go for it ... the name just kind of popped out there.  All my life, well, at least as far back as my teen years, I have always been TRYING to improve on something.  Sometimes I win, most the time I push it off for Future Desiree (you'll hear about Future Des quite a bit on this blog) .. but I usually always have some "plan" to better me, to make me happier.  So, Truly Trying to finally get it right.  Get what right?  Who knows?  But I will truly try to do it ...


  1. that's all we can do, right? keep on keeping on :) cute blog name, part of the reason I clicked on when I first found you. it's memorable :)

  2. i like that. that's a great way to look at it. and i think life is just like that. life is just us always trying to get better, do better, be better, have better health, better relationships, better everything, and we all make up what we think better is. great post!